Pantry Makeover

When we purchased our new house I thought our kitchen pantry was a nice size…then add all of our stuff and it doesn’t seem so large anymore. I decided to get it organized and really utilize the space I had. I think that is the best thing about organization…you get to utilize your space to its fullest potential! Sorry I get a little excited about organization 🙂

Here are the before pictures of my pantry. Such a mess and so unorganized! Makes me crazy looking at it. But it’s going to change!


I know I want some cute baskets. I started by browsing Better Homes & Gardens for some ideas. They had several different options, but I stumbled across these and fell in love!

Wire Baskets

They are from a new website I learned about They have been ordered and are sitting at my house ready to be used. So much cuter in person!

I’m starting off the New Year with some organization…sounds like a good year! Do you have any projects you are working on? I would love to hear about them. Post a comment or send me an email.



Furniture Build

I am about to embark on a new furniture build (along with my wonderful husband) for my parents’ living room project. As many of you know we are redecorating my parent’s living room. We had some design options on the table and after shopping around we went in a totally new direction! One thing that didn’t change was this gorgeous shelf.

We are currently making the plans for this project and will go shopping on Saturday at our favorite place LOWE’S!

Looking forward to making this shelf and seeing how it comes out.

Do you have any projects on the schedule for this Labor Day weekend? Post comments below.

Living Room Decor

We recently moved into a new home and my mind is running rampant trying to decide what dĂ©cor I want in our home. I love decorating! You would think the blank slate would be easy to cover, but not so fast. In the world of Pinterest there are SOOOOO many ideas floating around out there it’s hard to pick just one! After 3 months of living here it is time to start somewhere and start making this house a home. Our walls are a gray/blue and I was having a hard time finding the perfect accent color that didn’t seem to childish. I have finally narrowed it down to….YELLOW! I don’t want tons of overwhelming yellow in the room but accents that will add to our mostly neutral pallet. Here are a few of my inspirations.

Yellow Striped Curtains

Yellow Striped Curtains





This might be a long process since there is a budget in place 😉 but I will get some pictures of the room up and start showing you the progress! Keep checking back and leave a comment!

A Place to Hop

Here’s to the first post of the new blog! Excited to be sharing life’s experiences and DIY projects with you. I’m hoping to share my journey of life and my grasshopper skills.

What is a grasshopper? Definition: One who bounces from thing to thing (definitely not the Webster’s dictionary definition).

My mom has called me a grasshopper for years. I love to learn new things and get my hands dirty. I’ve tried everything from knitting, to cake decorating, building furniture and more. The plan is to share my day to day life.

We moved into a new house a few months ago and I am trying to get it decorated to our style and making it into our home. We are on a budget as most families and we are trying to keep things cheap but beautiful. That is where DIY and Pinterest come in! Follow along and we will make some beautiful décor together.

Feel free to share your life experiences with me and even posts photos along the way. I hope this will be a great place for my family to look at and see how far we’ve come together but also a place for you to find tips, projects, and maybe even some useful advice.

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