School is keeping me busy!

Wow what I semester. Not that my school work takes up all my time but both classes are full of projects..which I love! They are kind of different for me because you aren’t really making a usable object but mostly abstract work or doing photography which in my case needs a lot of help 🙂

Here is my latest project that I just turned in yesterday. The goal was to create an abstract piece of art that has a focal point. Let me tell you it took me a long time to get this nailed down. Thanks to my teacher this is what I came up with.

EDay Project 2 Final Composition

I am now on to my next 2 projects. One is a series of 4 photographs that are abstract. Abstract is SOOOOO hard for me! I like things with a purpose and abstract just doesn’t have that quality for me. The second project which I’m looking forward to is a PowerPoint presentation that shows a “How to Process.” This should also excite you, my readers, because I will be posting a tutorial of my newest creation! Again taken from one of my favorite websites, I hope to make this my own version.

Have any guesses for what I’m making? Here’s a hint-It is comprised of numbers. Submit your guesses by clicking the Rafflecopter link for a chance to win a $10 gift card to Target! Just in time for Christmas!

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