It’s Been a Long Time

Well it has been awhile since I have posted anything. That just means life is crazy right now! I know you think this post is about that wonderful shelf I told you I was going to finish weeks ago but sadly no. The shelf is DONE (!!!) but it is not quite ready for your eyes to see. It has had a hard life already 🙂 That story will come at a later date.

Today’s post is a little shelf that took me less than 30 minutes to build and not too much longer to paint and finish. I have been looking for something to go over our toilet in the guest bathroom. When I ran across my favorite blog They had a wonderful tutorial for a shelf and I loved it!

Here is my version of the shelf. I can post my tutorial if you are interested. Drop me a comment and I will get it up for you. I will be posting a tutorial on the “color wash” I used to paint the shelf.





I would love to know your thoughts so post a comment!


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