Questioning leads to an Answer

Over the past year and a half I have followed the updates of a woman I didn’t know that well. Updates on how she was fighting the fight against the awful disease of cancer. This woman worked with my husband many years back and became neighbors to my parents a few years ago as well. I would get emails telling about the medicines/therapies she was taking and where the cancer was or wasn’t. Until a few months ago these emails were only little reminders to say a prayer for her, her husband and two small kids. She would cross my mind from time to time but never a constant thought about how she was doing. My mom and I bought her a little gift and put it in her mailbox letting her know that we were there if she needed anything. We didn’t have to answer that call until a few months ago…

The cancer had returned and the call for help went out. Because of having a small child it would have been hard for me to take her kids to daycare almost every morning and then drive her to cancer treatments. But my mom stepped up to the plate without hesitation. I know for her it was a hard thing to do because she would get close to this lady and then maybe the worst case scenario would happen, but she did it anyways. She never even blinked when she had to get up early everyday and be out of the door before 6:30. She was there as a friend and as someone this family could count on.

This lady was a fighter and had beat the odds for the last year and a half but today was the day of the worst case scenario. Her family had to make the tough decision to take her off of life support and she passed away at the young age of 40.

All day I have been asking God the question “Why?” I don’t understand why a young wife and mother would be taken so early and taken away from her children. I don’t understand what good can come from this. It brings up memories of all the people in my life who have or are being affected by this stupid cancer. Why, why, WHY!? The only answer I have is because God’s thoughts are higher than mine. God has a plan for my, everyone’s lives, that are not to harm us. Yes, there will be trials in this life and things we just can’t wrap our minds around but God in His infinite wisdom sees further than we could ever think.

The events of today make me think about the life I live. It makes me thankful to have such an example of a Godly person in my life, my mom. She gave of herself to this family in their time of need. Sure this might not have been how she would want to spend her days. Becoming friends with a lady that could and did die. Reliving a disease that has taken too many people away from her. But she did it anyways. If I could give of myself half as much as she has given to this family and to many more…Thanks mom for being a true example of the hands and feet of Christ.

As I move on from here I can only continue to pray that I will be a Godly impact in the lives of the people I meet, even when it’s not convenient. And that I continue to look to God as my source of hope in a hopeless world.


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