Furniture Build

I am about to embark on a new furniture build (along with my wonderful husband) for my parents’ living room project. As many of you know we are redecorating my parent’s living room. We had some design options on the table and after shopping around we went in a totally new direction! One thing that didn’t change was this gorgeous shelf.

We are currently making the plans for this project and will go shopping on Saturday at our favorite place LOWE’S!

Looking forward to making this shelf and seeing how it comes out.

Do you have any projects on the schedule for this Labor Day weekend? Post comments below.


Living Room Mirror Project

I have been working on a project for my living room. I had two mirrors that I had bought from Hobby Lobby on clearance (WOOHOO!). When I purchase them they were white and went with my living room at our previous house. I loved the mirrors but at our new home the trim and crown molding is crème and I just didn’t think that the white looked good. So in comes a fan favorite…..Spray Paint! Use it to cover anything and everything with any color you want! Here is my project.


I taped up the mirror portion so that it wouldn’t get spray painted. I just used old paper and painters tape.


Make sure when you are using spray paint that you hold the can about 6-8 inches away from the item you are painting. This will keep the paint from running.


Here is the finished product. I didn’t take pictures of the table I am putting them on because I am still working on projects for that rest of the table 😉



Silhouette Blog Challenge

I follow the daily Silhouette Blog and they have some great tutorials and ideas. The Silhouette machine has been one of the best purchases of my crafting life! If is so versatile and has been well worth the money. If you want to know more about the Silhouette check it out here Silhouette America.

This week’s challenge is…Numbers. Make something, anything with numbers from your Silhouette machine. Since I run an Etsy shop for wedding/party favor bags I wanted to do something that I could add to my collection. Here is what I came up with a table number.


Hope you like it!

Living Room Curtains are UP!

A week later and I’m back with my finished DIY curtains! Just remember I am working on improving my photography skills but here is a tutorial on how to make your own for pretty cheap!

These are no sew curtains and are an easy DIY project.


Here are my supplies.


Start off with a canvas drop cloth from your local hardware store. I bought mine from Lowe’s.

Lowes Canvas

I cut the canvas in half so I would have 2 valances. The 2 valances measure approx. 7.5′ x 4′.

I used blue painters tape and measured off my stripes. I started with the hemmed side of the canvas.


I used acrylic paint and foam brushes to paint my stripes….super easy!


I let them curtains dry overnight. Just an FYI the paint will bleed through the canvas so make sure to paint on something you don’t mind to get pretty colors on.

Once the curtains are dry I cut the curtains to the length I wanted. My curtains go all the way to the ground so I just made a straight line and left 2″ for the hem.

Next I folded the end 1″ and ironed.

Then I did this again and then hot glued the hem. NO SEW!


I used clip rings from Lowes.

I also made my own curtain rod by using a pole from Lowe’s (you can find in the wood department). I cute the pole to the length I needed. I added finials and rod brackets that are found back with the dowel rods. I stained them with Rust-Oleum Ultimate Wood Stain in Kona.

Here is the finished product!



Let me know what you think and even better make some of your own and send me a pic!

Another Fun Filled Weekend

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. A few days of rest and time with the family. Well this weekend I was reading to get it over with. Not that I wasn’t looking forward to the busy and fun filled weekend (maybe I’m the only one that has this feeling) but it was so busy I was looking forward to getting through everything on the agenda. I thought I would share some of the images I created for these events as well!

Friday night was a church event that we call Crave. I attend Covenant Community Fellowship. Crave is an evening of praise and worship. Since I’m the worship leader at our church this is a huge responsibility to take on. Thank God I had my former Co-Leader with me for the night!



Saturday morning we had 2 guest speakers in for a Women’s Gathering at our church. I had to lead worship for this event as well as decorating and cooking (along with my mom) for several ladies. It turned out to be a great meeting and of course some really good food.

Women's Gathering

Women’s Gathering

I got home around 2pm, came inside, changed clothes and bolted out the door to go to a “men’s volleyball” event for our church. Technically it was a men’s thing but the women love to crash it and have some “ladies” time!



And of course Sunday morning was another day of leading worship and having an awesome time with our church family! We had several visitors this Sunday including my brother, sister-in-law and my new niece Avery (she’s such a cutie!). After church we went to River City Winery in New Albany and had some awesome pizza with the family. We came home, I took a nap and then woke up sick! Yeah what a finish to a great weekend. Now this morning I am sitting on my favorite chair, recounting the past weekend and feeling much better. Hopefully this week will be as fun filled but not include anymore sickness.

Let me know how your weekend went by commenting below.

A special thanks to for images.

Weekend of Shopping

Mom and I went out shopping Saturday to find a chair and rug for her living room project. I don’t think I have ever gone shopping all day and didn’t buy one single thing!!!! Not really the shopping day we were hoping for.

We went to a local furniture store who gave us a really good deal on a chair. We left the store with 2 fabric swatches and went searching for rugs to match. Here were our choices.

Rug Options

Not really crazy about either of them. Then we talked to a lady in Lowe’s who said Home Goods had a really good selection of rugs so we went over there and found these two options.

Home goods1

Home goods2

We decided that we needed to go home and think about the options and clear our minds.

Today we went shopping again. Our first stop was Target and we found a great rug at a FANTASTIC price!



So now that we have the rug we need to pick out the chair color and accessories to go along with it.

I will keep you posted!

Let me know what you think about the rug that we chose. Leave a comment below or send us an email at

Living Room Artwork Update and New Project

The votes are in! The winner is……Choice A. So we will prepare to start work on that project shortly. We need to get supplies and tools and the preparation begins.

As I mentioned in my title I have a new project. My mother has been bugging me for several weeks that she wants to get her house decorated. We are going to start in her living room. A little over a year ago my parents had their kitchen and family/living room completed remodeled. What used to be the family room is now the dining room and the formal living room is now their main space. The room is long and narrow with several doors and a large picture window. It has been a challenge on how to lay out the furniture.

I came up with 2 options for her living room. And of course we need your help! My parents like traditional style and don’t want to be too trendy and have to change their dĂŠcor in a few years. The room is painted a light brown and that color will stay. Based on this information we need your help voting between Choice A or Choice B.

Choice A

Choice A

Choice B

Choice B